a tale of two hearts

band e for awesome

Last Sunday night after church you invited Band E back to our place for pizza (& some amazing salad) to celebrate being together one last time before Phil moves to Adelaide.
[I found this so amusing - Bec getting a 'rock' education' from the old farts in the room]
[Above: What catering looks like when I'm left in charge...it's efficient I like to think] 
[Bec's awesome farewell gift for Phil...man that girl is talented with a pen. I'm seriously considering asking her to do a portrait of you for your birthday next year :P] 
[Our brilliant idea to replicate Bec's drawing and by 'our' I mean Bec and I. Clearly Joel wasn't as enthusiastic about the idea!]
Phil - we love you lots...our loss is 'Rad'elaide's gain!!