a tale of two hearts

international fleet review (part 1)

A few weeks ago we wasted a Saturday afternoon with friends eating cheese and drinking wine under perfect blue skies while watching the 2013 International Fleet Review air shows.

Sydney harbour is by far the most spectacular harbour in the world!!

Days like these, shared with friends are more precious to me than rubies. We are stupidly spoilt.

Matt's new camera - isn't it beautiful!!
These two - no words.

about time

So....Marc Fennell just reviewed the new movie "About Time", yep the one with Rachel McAdams.

J - I know you've secretly been dying to see it, right :P

I have some good news for you. Marc said it's better than Love Actually. I'm not making it up, listen to the review. He gave it  "4 out of 5 stop mocking me's"

This is me celebrating his review. I felt a sparkler was necessary for the occasion!!

We're so seeing it!

[ps: you actually took this pic on the 4th of July in NY this year]

And this is you doing a Jack Nicholson laugh saying "hahaha...keep dreaming Tina".

Not really - that's you on top of the Met Museum in NY laughing at something stupid I'd said to you.

But seriously - we're so seeing that movie!

hot new york summer

NY summers are HOT! Turns out a 38 degree day feels even hotter when you've spent part of it inside Lady Liberty. Which (partly) explains why I did the following.

"J take a photo...hang on...just wait a second...I want to....
....run into the middle...
 ...yay me...
 ...watch this jump...woohoo...nailed it...
...made it back...safe and sound...yay me"
 Take two. 
Not so successful! Dude on the right clearly knew my timing was all out this time round. Hahahah, the look on his face!!
 Yep - that was a FAIL.
You poor things. You had to ride the subway back to the Village, with me sitting next to you soaking wet on a 38 degree day. I could see the cogs turning in peoples minds "what...what happened to her? Did he push her into the Hudson?"
I may be approaching my 29th birthday but clearly still as childish as always!!

azza and jo's birthday

love these two - fun times xx

365 gratefuls

This is cool...just stumbled across it.
Sam Worthington and Hailey Bartholemew talking about Hailey's project, 365 Gratefuls.
More people need to hear this stuff!!

"There is power in choosing to be grateful in where you are right now."

dan and susy

Soooo happy for you both. Dan - she's a keeper!
Can't wait to formally welcome you into the family Susy. Thank you both for an incredible morning and for reminding me that us Aussies really do have best beaches in the world!!
Hope these photos make you smile for years to come.

dan and susy

I spent saturday morning with Dan and Susy. Finally faced my fear of taking photos in bright sun light.
I've been converted - full sunlight isn't so bad after all. 
Can't wait to share the pics with them...if only I could edit images while I'm sleeping :/

lady liberty

Remember this day? 
We woke up super early (for a holiday that is) arrived an hour early, waited in line and then another and another, went through security and then again and again. Boarded the boat, bought our muffins on board and ate them for breakfast. Hopped off the boat made our way to lady liberty and managed to be the first ones to climb up to her crown. Remember the Dad I thought looked like Ben Affleck and his little girl? They looked like they had walked of the set of Jersey Girl - they were so sweet. Super proud of us for managing to sneak past them and make it all the way to the top first :P
Yes, I know, she was only about 5 and I'm celebrating that our massive legs could walk up 354 steps faster than her tinny little ones, so shameful of me!