a tale of two hearts

about time

So....Marc Fennell just reviewed the new movie "About Time", yep the one with Rachel McAdams.

J - I know you've secretly been dying to see it, right :P

I have some good news for you. Marc said it's better than Love Actually. I'm not making it up, listen to the review. He gave it  "4 out of 5 stop mocking me's"

This is me celebrating his review. I felt a sparkler was necessary for the occasion!!

We're so seeing it!

[ps: you actually took this pic on the 4th of July in NY this year]

And this is you doing a Jack Nicholson laugh saying "hahaha...keep dreaming Tina".

Not really - that's you on top of the Met Museum in NY laughing at something stupid I'd said to you.

But seriously - we're so seeing that movie!