a tale of two hearts

a mexican fiesta

I always thought tequila was the secrete ingredient to any Mexican party. Turns out I was wrong…you also need a mariachi band!!
The photo above….hehehe…how hilarious is it?!? 
One of, if not THE most memorable engagement speeches I've ever heard. The perfect balance between sweet, mushy romance and self deprecation. You nailed it Dan!
Aww…the sweet couple!! So happy for them!
 I felt so rotten and tired that day…ohh how the camera can lie.
Mum - I added this one just for you…I knew you'd pick up the phone and ask where the family pic was if I didn't ;)
Aww...what a lovely bunch we are. I can't get over how young you and dad look. Seriously, when are you two going to start looking like you have a daughter that's rapidly approaching 30!