a tale of two hearts


The church service we attended in New York was one of the biggest highlights of the entire trip for me. It wasn't so much the preaching or the music but more so the personal revelation I had that night.

We have a good life, a great life. We've traveled a lot and seen so many incredible things, and here we now were in New York, living it up for 3 weeks. We were in the city of all cities - shopping like there was no tomorrow, eating wherever we wanted to, doing whatever we wanted to do - so spoilt.

As the first song started, I had a little sideshow going on in my head of all the things we had done in the last few weeks in New York and then all the the things we had done and seen in Africa, followed by Europe and then Asia. I sat there amazed at how much we'd seen in the last few years, how could two people be so blessed to see so much of the world together.

My heart was bursting with thankfulness...not because of the places and things we'd been fortunate enough to do but because I realised that of all the sights and of all the experiences I've had and there have been plenty...nothing, not one comes even close to the breathtaking beauty and majesty of God's love, grace and sweetness.

And so the water works began and I stood there singing that song and all the others to follow during that service with tears streaming down my cheeks with a full and thankful heart.

 Years ago I remember coming across people like Carl Lentz, they'd speak about God is such a personal and genuine way. It totally baffled me. I had no idea what they were on but I could tell it was real and genuine for them. Years later I find myself speaking about the same stuff. I'm sure it probably baffles some and makes them shake their heads and wonder what exactly I'm on :P

This is the interview I was telling you about the other night, definitely worth a watch.