a tale of two hearts

merry christmas

"May God's Greatest Gift 
Be Our Greatest Joy"

Ann Voskamp

birthday cruising

 "hey mum....got your nose!"
"Look mum. I'm eating the boat - no hands. Yeah I got skillz!"

That spot there on the boat is one of my favourite places in the world. 

Sitting there always instantly relaxes me. Sitting there as a new parent I've now discovered instantly puts me into a sweet deep sleep!

Parental christmas FAIL

Research who has the nicest set-up for Santa photos this year - check!
Organise for J to take a day off work - check!
Make sure Lucas gets lots of sleep that morning - check!

Opps...we just forgot to check when Santa was turning up.

Parental Christmas FAIL - Santa photos with no Santa.

We're hoping Santa is there today for take two. Although somehow I suspect that I'll prefer these photos.

lessons from my 20's

So tonight's the last night I lay my head on the pillow as a 20 something year old. I'm assuming tomorrow I'll wake up a little older and wiser - ha! Either that or I'll wake up wanting to rush out and buy hair dye to hide all those new grey hairs!!

So to celebrate the exit from this last decade I thought I'd get all reflective and sentimental and write out 20 lessons from my 20's.

What I've learned from my 20's...
  1. Save your pennies in your 20's!! Soo thankful for every penny saved in my early 20's it's made life a whole lot more comfortable now.
  2. Be picky and marry well. It's one of the few decisions you'll make in life that will impact the quality of each and every day for the rest of your life.
  3. Find a shade of lipstick that works for you, it's the quickest and easiest way to feel dressed up.
  4. Tweezers are your friend - you're meant to have two eyebrows not one!
  5. Some people won't like you. Like, really won't like you. They'll go out of their way to make your life a living nightmare. As hard as it may be, be thankful for these people because they'll grow and teach you more about your strength and resilience than a dozen lovely and kind people can.
  6. You won't build a career in a day but you will build one. Work hard and stay humble - always.
  7. Work isn't like school - there are no gold stickers handed out at the end of each day to tell you you're doing a great job and are on the right track. You have to learn to back yourself and trust your instincts. 
  8. Invest in appreciating assets, materially and relationally.
  9. Jesus is the real deal - not just some nice theoretical concept. Like He's real, real. Take Him for his word - this is the single best decision you'll ever make. Period.
  10. Travel is always worth it - always.
  11. Induced labour is awful (slight understatement, but I figure the appropriate words would require a few ** so I'll refrain from using those words).
  12. Life is hard sometimes, like really hard, like awful, ugly and totally unfair. 
  13. Knowing how to find beauty in even the darkest and most hopeless circumstances is a skill you learn to master. This ability to see beauty is a gift not just for you but also for those around you, so be thankful for the awful, ugly and totally unfair circumstances that you've had to walk through to develop such skills. 
  14. Marriage forces you to press into what grace and forgiveness really mean.
  15. Motherhood is harder and more rewarding than any words could ever express.
  16. You are worth spoiling - deal with it and learn to expect it.
  17. Lies, big or small are ugly and only destroy things. They're not worthy of you, have nothing to do with them.
  18. You can't eat Nutella for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sad but true. 
  19. Exercise is not an optional extra - turns out it's essential if you want to be able to function as a grown up.
  20. You think you're dreams are silly and unconventional - they are. Variety is the spice of life. Be confident, back yourself and go for them cause they're yours.
And here I am as a 21 year old on our honeymoon - yeah I may be turning 30 tomorrow but somethings never change do they.

30's ready or not here I come!!

you two

The way you light each other up.

Watching you two = my happy place

those toes

Oh how you love your toes!

4 months

 You've done it again my son - delivered yet another stellar monthly photo.

We shall call this one...Giving the bird 'the bird'  

And here you are laughing at just how hilarious you are and that you are!!

Here are a few things you're doing now that I don't want to forget:
  • Rolling! ALL THE TIME! I found you rolled over onto your tummy at 4am a few weeks ago. I had been rubbing your head trying to help you get back to sleep when I realised you had suddenly moved and I couldn't work out where your mouth was. I quickly turned on the light and sure enough you had rolled over while you were wrapped like a little sausage! Dad and I stood over your crib looking at you a little confused, so proud but also completely confused as to how you did that and what exactly we do with you now?
  • You're really starting to enjoy books and by enjoy I mean you like to touch them while we're reading to you, you try to turn the pages and there have been a few mornings where you decide you'd prefer to read to me and you start babbling away.
  • You are fascinated with the tap in the laundry. We now give you baths in the laundry tub and you sit there amazed at our lovely Ikea tap...truth be told I'm pretty pleased with it myself so it's nice to see you also appreciate it!
  • You love to suck your hands, like both in your mouth if possible! You've also started doing this cute thing where you suck individual fingers at a time...oh and if you have a dummy in your mouth you also like to squeeze a finger in to suck that too.
  • While we're on the sucking issue - you now suck your big toe and/or all your toes at once! You did it for the first time a few Saturdays ago while you were on the change table. Dad and I were laughing so much....you were really going for it!
  • You laugh A LOT! There are some days where it seems you're just looking for any excuse to laugh, we just look at you and you think it's hilarious. When I'm putting you to sleep I like to give you lots of little kisses on your face and tell you how much I love you and lots of other lovely things about you, a few days ago I gave you a little Eskimo kiss on your noes and you giggled, turns out you thought that was pretty funny. I told your Dad when he got home what happened and so he gave you an Eskimo kiss and sure enough you thought it was hilarious. You also think it's funny when I give you a kiss on your neck just under your cheeks. I can't tell you how much it means to see you so happy.
  • You get into the funniest positions to sleep. Your favourite at the moment is on your side with your legs at a 90 degree angle to your body.
  • If you're sleeping with your arms out, you like to place your palm on your cheeks, its soo cute and if you're wrapped, you really like it when I stroke your cheeks while you're falling off to sleep.
  • You had your first taste of banana yesterday and you really liked it. Oh and dad changed your nappy after that one. Lucky Dad he got to experience the first poo after solids!!
  • There are so many more things I could write but you'll be up soon so I'll leave it at that.
But let me just say this - you Lucas are so much fun to be around, really, I'm not just saying that. You are such a sweet, hilarious, curious, social little person and your Dad and I just love spending our days getting to know you.
Here are your photos from the previous months - I can't get over how much you've grown and changed in just 4 months!!

little lucy

Dear little Lucy,

I hope your first christmas is as sweet as you are!

x Lucas' mummy

little finn and saskia

Dear little Finn and Saskia,

Thanks for dropping in the morning and saying 'hi' to Lucas ever so quietly while he was laying in his cot. I hope you enjoyed playing with those books and "birdy". Hopefully next time you come over there won't be quite so much dirt in the backyard so you'll be able to run around!

x Lucas' mummy

yellow apples

Sometime last week you wet your bed sheet so we had to change it. When you woke up you rolled over and were mesmerized by the bright yellow apples. It was so cute watching you try to touch and grab them.
You loved those yellow apples so much you kept roll over to play with them rather than sleep. I now get how cot sheets can distract a child from sleeping!

little tilly

Dear Tilly,

Thanks for coming by to visit Lucas last week, next time you come over I promise I won't shove my camera in your face...half as much! Oh and you'll be welcome to wear just your nappy and crawl around on the grass with Lucas if you like. But feel free to look just as sweet and cute as you do in these pic's, I'm sure you won't have trouble with that :)

x Lucas' mummy

dad's home!

Someone get's a little excited when Dad comes home early!!