a tale of two hearts

bowral wedding

I had been looking forward to yesterday for over 5 years!!

Ben and Alison's wedding day.

I've loved watching those two fall in love and grow together over the years. They are two of the most incredible people I've ever met. Such beautiful hearts, such pillars of faith, so generous, so thoughtful, so talented, so much fun to be around, a constant inspiration to me.

I was a little (slight understatement!) sad when I realised I wouldn't be able to document their incredible day for them. So to cheer me up I figured if I can't be behind the lens I may as well step out in front of it for a change.

Apologies for those wanting to see amazing photos of Ben and Ali - you and I both will have to wait for Jess's incredible pics :)

In the mean time here are a few of our little family... oh how I love that little bump of a person growing inside me, not long till we get to cover him with kisses!

Ok ok... I lied here is one of the gorgeous couple - thanks for taking this one Jess!! 
Ali you were so radiant all day - I could not take my eyes off you!! Ben you are one lucky man!