a tale of two hearts

dan and susy 5th december

The 5th December 2013 - this night was magical. 

A simple, beautiful, intimate, backyard ceremony that took place on a Thursday evening in early December, a few months before the celebrations in Mexico, followed by the massive party in Sydney last night!

Dan, Susy hope you had an incredible night celebrating with family and friends the vows you made to each other on the 5th December!
Love you both lots
xx tina
Oh...and my fav snaps of the party last night - love being part of this crazy mob!

the bump in febuary

The bump 17-20 weeks.  It's a little bigger these days. On Monday we'll be 31 weeks.
Can you believe that?!?
The start of this journey was hard, emotionally and physically, but I'm thankful for what it taught me.

I've loved carrying him these last 6 and a bit months, it blows me away whenever I stop to think about it. What a privilege, what an honor. There is a man being formed inside me, a man who will one day love, cherish, inspire and lead those around him.
So thankful for the joy he's already brought to our lives - I'm so looking forward to his 'birth' day when we get to finally meet him face to face and kiss those little arms and legs that he's been entertaining us with for the last few months.

But till then I'm going to savour this incredible time him and I get to share. When else in life are you able to so effortlessly take your son with you to work, to write reports with you, to meetings, up on stage as you make presentations and out to dinner and lunch catch ups with friends!

a quiet year

We decided we needed a quiet new years last year...so we spent a few days up at Terrigal and welcomed the new year at mojito joes.

To me the words "be still" sum up the last 6 month.

On the one hand we've been busy getting our place ready for the little man before he arrives and on the other, I feel like we've both spent the last 6 months learning how to intentionally rest and drown out the white noise so we can notice and priorities the important things a bit better.

I'm really proud of what we as a team have achieved and learnt over the last 6 months. 

It's even been quite here on the blog...for good reasons. Can't wait to get back and blog some more over the coming months, I really do enjoy this little blog.