a tale of two hearts

memories of vivid

Turns out renovating, working full time and growing a human all at once can be rather exhausting! All great things and so thankful for them all but it meant we didn't make it to the Vivid light festival this year :(

So here are a few snaps from last year in the hope that they'll inspire us to head out with our little guy next year. Cause raising a baby won't be exhausting at all :P

[ Japanese for dinner before we were off exploring]
If we can't make it to Vivid next year - how about we grab a bottle of red, turn the fire place on and have a DYI Vivid festival at home? I'll grab the torch, you get the cellophane paper - I'm sure the little guy won't be able to tell the difference for a few years :P

cathy and her boys

Cathy I can't tell you how happy I am for you!!! Those two boys are so lucky to be loved and cared for by such a passionate, super smart and talented woman.

Can't wait to catch up with you again in a few months time when our little boys can meet one another and play together :)

4th july on the roof

This day started off with a lazy morning in Washington Square.

The plan was to head down to the Hudson River to watch the 4th July fireworks and then I said:

"oh wouldn't it be great if we could be on a rooftop bar for tonight? I've read a review about a bar with great views that I want to go to at some stage. Maybe we should give them a call and see if we could get in tonight? The lady at lunch mentioned most people vacate NY for the long weekend...maybe no one will be there"...and then we both laughed!

I figured we had no chance of getting in. You called and they said they had a cancellation just minutes earlier!!!

I was in shock, we were in shock.

So we spent the 4th July on a rooftop bar in NY (with our own waitress for the night...WHAT?!?)

Given baby's pending arrival in a few weeks I suspect we'll be reminiscing about this night for years to come!

Yep - photo booths are always more fun after a bottle of Mumm, a wine or two and a cocktail!

remembering new york

 You're at a work function tonight (entertaing clients at the state of origin...so tough!) and I'm too exhausted to do anymore unpacking so I've decided it's the perfect time to start catching up on some blog posts - cause it's been a while.

Remember any of this?
 The three levels of creaky steps we had to climb to get to our tiny west village apartment.
 Crashing out on the bed after our massive shopping trip to SoHo.
 Some of my favourite purchases from that morning. The Steve Madden shoes that I'm still to scared to wear because I don't want to wear them out too quickly and the perfect baby shower dress...that we found 12 months before the baby shower.
"The Place" where we celebrated our 7 year anniversary.
The park where we ate our cupcake from Magnolia bakery. This is the park I get transported to every time I hear that HAIM song.

liam and sarah's engagment party

You guys are such remarkable team - your passion for life, your incredibly generous and thoughtful hearts inspire us all! Your love for each other is one of those rare loves - the kind that spills over to be a blessing to all those around you.  It's a rare and beautiful thing and it was such a privilege celebrating your engagement.

Love you both so much!