a tale of two hearts

4th july on the roof

This day started off with a lazy morning in Washington Square.

The plan was to head down to the Hudson River to watch the 4th July fireworks and then I said:

"oh wouldn't it be great if we could be on a rooftop bar for tonight? I've read a review about a bar with great views that I want to go to at some stage. Maybe we should give them a call and see if we could get in tonight? The lady at lunch mentioned most people vacate NY for the long weekend...maybe no one will be there"...and then we both laughed!

I figured we had no chance of getting in. You called and they said they had a cancellation just minutes earlier!!!

I was in shock, we were in shock.

So we spent the 4th July on a rooftop bar in NY (with our own waitress for the night...WHAT?!?)

Given baby's pending arrival in a few weeks I suspect we'll be reminiscing about this night for years to come!

Yep - photo booths are always more fun after a bottle of Mumm, a wine or two and a cocktail!