a tale of two hearts

dear baby boy

 Dear baby boy,

That there is a picture your Dad took of you and I when you were just a wee 24 weeks old. 

Your Dad and I spent the week at Pop and Nanna's place up at Terrigal for our "babymoon". Yes that's technically our way of celebrating our last chance to holiday together without you :P Having said that we spend most of our time talking about you. We even took you to your first circus, the view probably wasn't so great for you I suspect.

You're much bigger these days - tomorrow you'll be 40 weeks!!
Your Dad and I are really excited to meet you. We've been waiting a lot longer than 40 weeks to meet you. We've pretty much talked, prayed for and thought about you over the last 13 years!

We've talked lots about the things we want for you but above all we want you to know you were created out of love, designed to be loved, so that you have the capacity to love those around you.

We hope that as you grow up you'll realise that your Dad and I love each other and you "because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19

I will make it one of my life mission's to make sure you are blessed with a daily reminder of that love and truth.

Mwwa...looking forward to smothering you with kisses sometime in the next few days !!