a tale of two hearts

Your first week

Dear Lucas,

As you grow up you'll quickly learn that mum doesn't have a great memory but she does take a lot of photos, so I thought I should write a few things down next to these photos in case you ask me questions one day about when you were born.

Here is the executive summary.
You were born on the 22nd July at 22:22, you weighted 3.578kg and were 52cm.

...and here is the extended version.

Your dad and I turned up to the hospital at 8pm on Monday 21st July. We were hoping to meet you in a few hours time but it took a little longer than that!
That's me (and you on the inside) at 8ish on the 21st July...
....and that's me, you and dad at 10.22pm on the 22 July
 I got to hold you for a few beautiful but brief minutes...
 ...before the doctors and nurses worked out you had swallowed some meconium and needed some help with your breathing. Your dad stayed with you the whole time, holding your hand and chatting to you, while I was in another room waiting to get better before the doctors would let me see you.
That was a hard hour for both dad and I. I'm so thankful for the kind and wise heart of your Aunty Robyn who stayed with me for that hour.
 We were reunited an hour later and I couldn't stop smiling at you and whispering things to you. You are so precious to your Dad and I Lucas.
 The next few days were hard, you stayed in the special care nursery and we pretty much decided we were going to live there too. Our days consisted of staring at you, watching the machines measuring your oxygen and heart rate and praying. Thanking God for you and praying for a speedy recovery.
 At 5am on Thursday 24th July a nurse walked into our room to do my obs and she casually mentioned that the special care nurses had said that you were out of the oxygen hood and we could hold you. I jumped out of bed and was rudley reminded by my body that I had given birth a few days earlier, so your dad and I hobbled over to you as quickly as we could.
Oh Lucas - there are no words to describe the joy your dad and I felt that morning. The way your heart aches as a parent when your child is sick is unlike anything else I've experienced, like wise the ecstasy and joy you feel when all is well is indescribable.
 You were still on a few medicines so we couldn't take you with us, but we could now cuddle and feed you so we set up camp in the special care nursery and sat there chatting and cuddling you whenever we were allowed.
 Pop and Nanna and Baba and Dedo also came and...
 at 11am on Friday 25th July our prayers were answered and you graduated from the Special Care nursery. You had your goodbye cuddles with Maureen who took such great care of you and we got to wheel you off to our room.
 Dad gave you your first bath.
 You were finally with us and we couldn't take our eyes off you...
 Can you blame us...you are just sooo adorable!
 I wasn't kidding...we spent hours staring and smiling at you, we were and continue to be awe struck by God's goodness and generosity in entrusting us with you.
 I was in the bathroom and walked out and found your dad in this position...seriously we could not take our eyes off you!
Sunday 27th rolled around and it was finally time to take you home with us.
 Our first family photo.
 Dad did the duty of placing you in the car seat, check out the smile on his face as he's looking at you. Melts my heart.
 We're home!!
 See this pic here - I have day dreamed about this image for years my heart nearly exploded into a thousand pieces when I saw you two this morning like this.
Today you are officially one week old. So we celebrated by taking you out for a walk.
Two amazing men - how blessed am I to have you both in my life!!

Happy one week precious one.