a tale of two hearts

nappy change

Hi honey,

Hope your day at work is going well. 

Here are a few pics of the little guy from this mornings nappy change. A little different to the 3am version earlier today where he was bright red from screaming his little lungs out.

Seriously - how adorable is he. It's no surprise he gets covered with kisses at every feed and nappy change!

A few things I learnt this morning:

1. The hair dryer isn't the only thing that instantly stops him crying. Apparently the little guy also likes the Hillsong "No Other Name" album. I figure it's cause he heard it for a full week at the conference just before he was born. 

2. I kinda feel bad telling you this one but we just had the best playtime!! OH MY...so much fun! He was calm and relaxed enough to enjoy his nappy change (even though he still did a spew during it). I also placed him in his rocker for the first time and he really enjoyed that too. He's so much more alert and you can see that he really looks and notices you now. I may or may not have shed a tear of happiness while hanging out with him this morning. I have a feeling you'll really enjoy playtime tomorrow with him. 

3. The downside to him being so much more alert is that it's taking sooo much longer to settle him for a nap. Oh well as they say "babies be babies".