a tale of two hearts

snippets of our week at home with you

Hey Lucas,

I'm completely aware that you can't read this at the moment and that when you are old enough to you may not even want to read it! 

But I'm going to write it anyway.

While it's written to you, let's be honest it's also for your Dad and I (and your grandparents). Much like the wonderful times I've documented of your Dad and I here on this blog - I plan to document the memories we create with you because we want to savor and enjoy every precious moment we have with you.
Here are a few snippets of our second week at home with you.

Playtime with dad - this lasts about 2-3 minutes at the moment before you give us a yawn to let us know it's time for another nap.
You went to Jonty's 5th "Everything is Awesome" Lego birthday party, wearing the sweet threads Auntie Sarah gave you. Yep, you were a little pooped and exhausted from all the partying.
That's you meeting Lily and Jonty for the first time. Trust me, you are actually in the pram. You're just very tinny at the moment so you don't really take up much space in it.

That's you having some lunch. We're both learning how to master the art of feeding. We were doing really well for a while...we'll keep working on it.
 Your first attempt at tummy time with Dad.
This is my view of you when your milk drunk - ohh Lucas how I love you!
This is you chatting to Dad before your massage..
...and this is you falling asleep during your baby massage.
Left: You milk drunk again
 Right: Tummy time with Mum.
Your first shower - you LOVED it!
Early morning chat with Dad before your (3rd) breakfast...
 ...followed by early morning burps with Dad.
 Playtime with Mum before we pop you into your cot for yet another nap.

 Here are a few things you didn't see in the pictures but I think you should know:
  • You peeing on your Dad and I at 4 consecutive nappy changes. Your Dad laughing at me when I just got peed on. Me laughing at your Dad when you peed on his favourite shorts. I wish I'd had the camera to capture the look on his face!
  • Me googling "how to get pee out of carpet" at 3am in the morning (one of many moments where I've realised that life is no longer as it once was)
  • Your Dad playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers to you on his guitar so you'd stay awake to feed.
  • The stub of your umbilical cord falling off.
  • You spewing out of your nose and mouth at the same time.
  • You doing a number 2 while Dad was changing your nappy and the way Dad jumped back to make sure it didn't hit him!
  • You going to your first play group.
  • The countless visitors you've had. So thankful that you are loved and adored by so many!
  • The tears we both cried when you've been in agony with reflux and wind (I could write a whole blog post on this one!)
  • The little smiles you give randomly throughout the day. We don't care if they're gas, they're just amazing.
Your Dad and I love being around you Lucas - even when you pee on us! We're so thankful to be able to do life with you, you are a remarkable person and it's been amazing getting to know you over the last 2 weeks.

I don't think your Dad and I have ever laughed as much as we have in the last 2 weeks and that's all thanks to you! I don't think we've ever prayed together as much as we have in the last two weeks either. The weight of responsibility we feel for you is incredibly humbling and it's made us both realise that as much as we love you there are certain things that are beyond our control and we need to know where our responsibility ends and where we need to let go and trust that God's got you in His hands - cause He does. 

So thankful He's placed you in our family.