a tale of two hearts

from the city to the surf

[thanks for this photo mum, who said you couldn't use my camera...you nailed it!]

On Tuesday, you had your first trip into the city. Baba and Aunty Tanya took you for a walk in Hyde park while Dad and I had our meeting. Dad went back to work while the four of us went to Coogee for a walk and some lunch.

I went to uni just up the road from this beach. The first time I sun-baked on that sand was the same day I sat for my last exam, I was at uni for 5 years! I know how nerdy must your mum have been!! Either that or I was more interested in getting home so I could hang out with a cute guy I knew (aka your dad). The truth lays somewhere between those two facts. 

Your mum was a nerd who was madly in love with her cute boyfriend.