a tale of two hearts

happy 1st fathers day

Happy 1st Fathers Day Daddy!!
Thank you so much for taking such good care of me over the last 6 weeks. Mum tells me when you’re at work that I’m the luckiest little boy in the world to be loved by you…and I think she’s right!
Thank you for the way you cuddle me when I’m frightened and crying, thank you for the way you take me into the shower with you and teach me to put my head under water, thank you for changing my nappy, thank you for the way you put my dummy back in when I’ve lost it in the middle of the night, thank you for chatting to me and teaching me about music, thank you for encouraging me when I’m doing tummy time, thank you for being so patient with me as I learn how to burp, fart and do number 2’s, they’re all a little scary for me at the moment so it means so much to have you hold me while I have a little cry as I learn all that stuff.
Thank you for the way you love mummy too – she tells me she wouldn’t be a good mummy if it weren’t for the way you take care of her. Thank you for making her cups of tea when she is exhausted, thank you for making dinner for her while she’s making dinner for me, thank you for sleeping on my side of the bed when you’ve noticed she needs a break at night, thank you for being so happy for her when she has been out having lunch with my friends and the other mummies, thank you for encouraging her to go to the gym, thank you for taking her shopping and out for lunches, thank you for cuddling her at night and keeping her warm and telling her that she’s doing a good job when she’s a little worried or scared, thank you for working so hard at work and for coming home early to spend time with us both when you can!
We both love you so much daddy…everything is more fun when you’re around!
I can’t wait till my little arms get stronger so I can wrap them around your neck and give you a cuddle to tell you you’re the best daddy and I love being your son!
 Lots of love from your little man Lucas