a tale of two hearts

8 weeks

You, Mr Lucas are so adorable I find it hard not to squish you or eat your chubby little thighs up. You're officially 8 weeks old, here are a few cute things you're now doing that I just love and don't want to forget:
  • the way you hold my arm when I'm burping you
  • the way you smile at Dad and I as you're waking up
  • the way you stretch your arms out and pull your head back when I pick you up out of your cot  just before you feed
  • the concentration on your face while you're doing tummy time
  • the little chats/babbles we share while you're getting your nappy changed and the smiles - oh the smiles!
  • the way you smiled and babbled to Lilly and Jonty at Eva's birthday party when they came to say hi to you. I was so happy to see you so happy in their company!
  • the moment you discovered trees - the look on your face was priceless. Baba and I couldn't stop laughing! You were utterly amazed.
I'm so blessed to be able to spend my days with you.