a tale of two hearts

saturday mornings

Ok - so we've waved goodbye to our Saturday morning sleep-ins but look who now waves hello to us.
As much as I loved our sleep-ins...this is sooo much better!

on a little rug next to you

While your little friends were all flying down the Slip 'n' Slide at Finn's 2nd birthday you hung out with Dad and I. Won't be long before you'll be joining them. Till then Dad and I are going to soak up ever spare moment we get to have with you, because let's face it, as fun as my 'peek-a-boo's' are, they can't compete with a Slip 'n' Slide!

three months

You turned 3 months last week. I can't get over how fast time flies when I'm around you. You go to sleep one morning and it feels like you wake up bigger the next!

Here are a few things you're doing now that I don't want to forget:
  • You've started giggling...oh my!! It is the sweetest most magical noise I've ever heard. The first time you giggled it felt as though time stopped for me and yes I did cry a little, happy tears!
  • You love standing on your feet.
  • You love chatting and babbling to anyone who is willing to listen...be it mum and dad or the stuffed toy laying next to you.
  • You can now burp, fart and do a number 2's without freaking out and crying - so proud of you, you're such a big boy!!
  • You get really gassy at night and it's loud! So loud I sometimes think it's your Dad letting em' rip!
  • You now love bath time - yay! Our afternoon baths have got to be one of my favourite parts of the day.
  • You love having your hands in your mouth, you manage to get your whole fist in there somehow.
  • You've worked out how to grab and reach for things. You play so well with your play gym. The other day you managed to grab one of the toys and pull the whole thing over yourself and you seemed rather pleased about that.
  • You're great at tummy time but you seem to get a little frustrated that you can't crawl yet so you spend most of your time grunting and kicking your legs trying to get somewhere.
  • Over the last few days you've worked out you can move around if you're on your back, you're really strong and so determined.
  • You really enjoy going for walks with Dad in the evening, you tend to fall asleep after a few minutes and if not, you sit there listening to Dad as he chats to you.
  • You love it when we sing 'heads and shoulders' to you...your favourite verse is the 'eyes and ears and mouth and nose' one. You start smiling whenever we get to that verse.
And that smile of yours...Dad keeps saying how sweet it is that you smile at us when you see us and I agree!! It's so incredible to think you can now recognise us and that it makes you happy to see us. When you smile you smile with your eyes and not just that cute little mouth of yours. Your eyes sparkle with joy and it makes our hearts bubble up with excitement to see you so content and happy!

We love you to the moon and back precious boy!


Here are your photos from the previous 2 months.

uncle andrej

Today uncle Andrej dropped by with aunty Maja, just to see you. He smothered you with cuddles and kisses and took you out for a long walk.
It melts my heart to see how much those two love you.

A few Saturdays ago, everyone went to watch Andrej ref in his first A-league match. You were still very little so we went to Pop and Nana's house to watch the game on tv. How lucky are you to be adored by such a talented and hard working uncle!!
You were only allowed to look at the TV while I took this photo....the concentration on your face, too cute!

That's you cheering him on!! 
"Go Andrej, great call!!"
One day soon we'll take you to a match so you can cheer him on in person :)

matt, emily + little bean

This is my favourite image of the three of you. I love everything about it, including the dirty dishes in the sink.

Dear little bean,

How are you doing in there? Thanks for kicking and saying "Hi" to me last Saturday!

I'm sure you've probably already worked this one out but WOW you really lucked out in the parents department didn't you!! Those folks of yours are two of the most remarkable people I've ever met. Authentic, full of love, passionate and just the right dose of "goofy".

They are soooo excited to meet you in a few weeks time. As are we! Lucas can't wait to have a little friend to run around with - when you both work out how to run around that is.

Enjoy your last few weeks on the inside.

Ps: I know you already think mum is really pretty but just you wait and see how gorgeous she is on the outside too!! You're inheriting some good genes, kido!


emily's baby sprinkle

Your email started off with...

"In lieu of a baby shower, I was hoping someone would be interested in going for a walk with me?"

I laughed when I read it..."Oh that is gold! So Emily, not wanting any fuss or bother made on her account!" 

My next immediate thought... 
"Too bad Miss...that's not your call to make! Sarah and I didn't listen when you said that about your bridal shower...so why would we start listening now!"

And a flurry of emails began between the girls and I to try and work out how we could surprise you with a little "baby sprinkle" because you made it clear you weren't interested in a "baby shower" :P

The moment your bush walk turned into a baby sprinkle!
You my dear are incredible...this is what you look like 8 + months pregnant after a 9km hike. Who does that?!? And who looks like this after it?!?
Bottom left...Liam...that's not for you :P

Em you are going to be a remarkable mum, that little bean is so lucky to be loved by you!


lunch at nana's

Yesterday we had lunch at Nana's and we got to meet a little friend of yours for the very first time.
Yeah - you and your new little buddy were clearly not as thrilled about a ladies lunch as we all were!

child development

I read this Huffington Post article on "What really happens when toddlers see you angry" and then I fell into a rabbit whole of watching videos on child development and the brain...so fascinating! 

Ahh those google boys, they've definitely outsmarted Mr Britannic!

I've always found this stuff fascinating. It's one thing to study it as a young adult at uni but it's a whole another thing to amerce yourself in it as a new parent, it comes with a whole new level of heaviness and responsibility.

Below are a few of the video's I watched if you're bored on the train one afternoon :)

Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies

So interesting - made me think that maybe I should start talking to Lucas in Macedonian a bit more. 

The power of relationships in Early Childhood Development

I scanned this one...but I'm hoping to get a chance to watch the rest later.

"As parents although it's not possible to always do it, nor should we expect ourselves to but when we can convey through the moment to moment way in which we respond to our children, that they are valuable, that they are important, that they are safe. These things are being conveyed in the way a child is looked at, held, supported and will go far in casting a shadow, a positive shadow, on who a child can be. Because those messages that seem momentary are actually embedded in a child for life"

First Impressions: Exposure to Violence and a child's developing brain 

This one is a little confronting but powerful.

"That's the beauty of the human brain, it is a mirror to that child's developmental experience"

central park bike ride

Remember this? 

Ridding through Central Park with an umbrella and map in hand...oh and a rather large camera :P

Oh that's right we made the most of the rain and had a little snooze while we waited for it to pass. Is that our red picnic blanket?? Did I pack that in my suite case...from Sydney to NY?! Wow - sometimes I even amaze myself!
[right: your 'Home Alone' face]