a tale of two hearts

child development

I read this Huffington Post article on "What really happens when toddlers see you angry" and then I fell into a rabbit whole of watching videos on child development and the brain...so fascinating! 

Ahh those google boys, they've definitely outsmarted Mr Britannic!

I've always found this stuff fascinating. It's one thing to study it as a young adult at uni but it's a whole another thing to amerce yourself in it as a new parent, it comes with a whole new level of heaviness and responsibility.

Below are a few of the video's I watched if you're bored on the train one afternoon :)

Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies

So interesting - made me think that maybe I should start talking to Lucas in Macedonian a bit more. 

The power of relationships in Early Childhood Development

I scanned this one...but I'm hoping to get a chance to watch the rest later.

"As parents although it's not possible to always do it, nor should we expect ourselves to but when we can convey through the moment to moment way in which we respond to our children, that they are valuable, that they are important, that they are safe. These things are being conveyed in the way a child is looked at, held, supported and will go far in casting a shadow, a positive shadow, on who a child can be. Because those messages that seem momentary are actually embedded in a child for life"

First Impressions: Exposure to Violence and a child's developing brain 

This one is a little confronting but powerful.

"That's the beauty of the human brain, it is a mirror to that child's developmental experience"