a tale of two hearts

emily's baby sprinkle

Your email started off with...

"In lieu of a baby shower, I was hoping someone would be interested in going for a walk with me?"

I laughed when I read it..."Oh that is gold! So Emily, not wanting any fuss or bother made on her account!" 

My next immediate thought... 
"Too bad Miss...that's not your call to make! Sarah and I didn't listen when you said that about your bridal shower...so why would we start listening now!"

And a flurry of emails began between the girls and I to try and work out how we could surprise you with a little "baby sprinkle" because you made it clear you weren't interested in a "baby shower" :P

The moment your bush walk turned into a baby sprinkle!
You my dear are incredible...this is what you look like 8 + months pregnant after a 9km hike. Who does that?!? And who looks like this after it?!?
Bottom left...Liam...that's not for you :P

Em you are going to be a remarkable mum, that little bean is so lucky to be loved by you!