a tale of two hearts

happy birthday baba

Happy Birthday Mum!

I know I keep saying thank you but I can't tell you enough how amazed and thankful I've been for the way you have loved and cared for my new little family over the last 11 weeks.

Lucas, Jarrod and I are so blessed to be loved by you. 

Thank you for the 101 little things you've done for us...
  • Thank you for your ninja like antics while we were in hospital, where you'd fly in with a meal, tidying up and disappear all before we'd had a chance to blink.  And then you'd reappear again with yet another meal...for 5 days straight! You saw us a couple of times each day and yet you didn't cuddle Lucas till he was 7 days old!! Because according to you "Tina, it's you're job to cuddle him and my job to look after you and Jarrod"...I was floored when you said that because I know how long you've waited to hold your grandson.
  • Thank you for dropping in with pancakes so we could have a nice breakfast when we arrived home.
  • Thank you for driving Lucas and I around and for putting up with my "wow- mum you're a really bad driver" comments :P
  • Thank you for turning up to say hi and looking after Luca so I could have a shower and then disappearing and reappearing with a few things you noticed we needed.
But above all that and the 96 other things I haven't listed because a little guy is waiting for me to feed him...thank you for being so happy for me, for looking at Lucas the way you do and for showering him with your time, love and affection.
 I'm incredibly blessed to have been raised by such a strong and passionate woman.

Happy birthday mum, happy birthday baba!

We love you.