a tale of two hearts

matt, emily + little bean

This is my favourite image of the three of you. I love everything about it, including the dirty dishes in the sink.

Dear little bean,

How are you doing in there? Thanks for kicking and saying "Hi" to me last Saturday!

I'm sure you've probably already worked this one out but WOW you really lucked out in the parents department didn't you!! Those folks of yours are two of the most remarkable people I've ever met. Authentic, full of love, passionate and just the right dose of "goofy".

They are soooo excited to meet you in a few weeks time. As are we! Lucas can't wait to have a little friend to run around with - when you both work out how to run around that is.

Enjoy your last few weeks on the inside.

Ps: I know you already think mum is really pretty but just you wait and see how gorgeous she is on the outside too!! You're inheriting some good genes, kido!