a tale of two hearts

three months

You turned 3 months last week. I can't get over how fast time flies when I'm around you. You go to sleep one morning and it feels like you wake up bigger the next!

Here are a few things you're doing now that I don't want to forget:
  • You've started giggling...oh my!! It is the sweetest most magical noise I've ever heard. The first time you giggled it felt as though time stopped for me and yes I did cry a little, happy tears!
  • You love standing on your feet.
  • You love chatting and babbling to anyone who is willing to listen...be it mum and dad or the stuffed toy laying next to you.
  • You can now burp, fart and do a number 2's without freaking out and crying - so proud of you, you're such a big boy!!
  • You get really gassy at night and it's loud! So loud I sometimes think it's your Dad letting em' rip!
  • You now love bath time - yay! Our afternoon baths have got to be one of my favourite parts of the day.
  • You love having your hands in your mouth, you manage to get your whole fist in there somehow.
  • You've worked out how to grab and reach for things. You play so well with your play gym. The other day you managed to grab one of the toys and pull the whole thing over yourself and you seemed rather pleased about that.
  • You're great at tummy time but you seem to get a little frustrated that you can't crawl yet so you spend most of your time grunting and kicking your legs trying to get somewhere.
  • Over the last few days you've worked out you can move around if you're on your back, you're really strong and so determined.
  • You really enjoy going for walks with Dad in the evening, you tend to fall asleep after a few minutes and if not, you sit there listening to Dad as he chats to you.
  • You love it when we sing 'heads and shoulders' to you...your favourite verse is the 'eyes and ears and mouth and nose' one. You start smiling whenever we get to that verse.
And that smile of yours...Dad keeps saying how sweet it is that you smile at us when you see us and I agree!! It's so incredible to think you can now recognise us and that it makes you happy to see us. When you smile you smile with your eyes and not just that cute little mouth of yours. Your eyes sparkle with joy and it makes our hearts bubble up with excitement to see you so content and happy!

We love you to the moon and back precious boy!


Here are your photos from the previous 2 months.