a tale of two hearts

working parents

The ven diagram below summaries the domains of interest that what my dream job would entail. Ok, so photography would be in there too but I'm trying to be realistic here :P

 In my mind this equation has always made sense. We can not economically flourish as a nation if the family unit isn't strong. 

The spot where government legislation, the corporate world and the family unit intersect is the 'sweet spot'. When all three are working and functioning to support each other all three domains thrive.

I stumbled across this interview with Michelle Obama at the White House Working Families summit. So exciting to see an administration thinking about this stuff. 

I haven't watched the whole thing but I'd recommend watching from 5.30 - 15mins, she's so authentic and candid.

Mum, I laughed when she was talking about sending the kids to school when they're a little sick I thought "ahh there you go...even the first lady did it...wasn't just my mum!"