a tale of two hearts

pharmacoeconomics - done!

I was deleting some photos on the computer to make room for all the photos we've been taking of Lucas when I stumbled across these. I can't believe this was a year and a month ago, feels like a life time away now! 

I remember when I graduated with my undergrads years ago saying I'd never go back to uni - so much for that! Working full time and studying part time isn't exactly my idea of fun but the pain was definitely worth it. So thankful to be enjoying the fruit of it all now :)

I was genuinely scared when I started this course at Monash. I wasn't sure if I had what it took to get through it. So thankful for the way you and others around me believed in me when I didn't.  It's such a freeing experience when you achieve something you didn't think you were capable of. Makes you question other limitations you've subconsciously set for yourself.

Thanks for insisting that we fly down to Melbourne for the graduation ceremony. It seemed like a crazy thing to do given that I was happy enough to have the certificate posted but I'm thankful for how proud you were and how much you wanted to celebrate the achievement.
Do you remember what was waiting for us at the airport in Melbourne when we arrived? That bright yellow canary car. How bright was it!! I felt like a total hoon driving around in that thing! 
 Ahh Melbourne in sunshine. A rare sight.
On the left - what we'd all like to believe study looks like. You know, glamorous, all it involves is wearing a cap and gown and casual sitting on a bench. On the right - what the last year leading up to the photo on the left actually felt like, pure pain.
 Graduate Certificate in Pharmacoeconomics! DONE. 
We celebrated with dinner at a little Japanese restaurant before rushing back to the airport to fly home to Sydney.