a tale of two hearts

the noodle markets

A few weeks ago we went into town to check out the noodle markets. How is it that everything we now do is so much more fun and exciting? Your little smile definitely has something to do with it!
  Baba and Dedo - I love them so much for the way they love you.
I can't quite find the right word but there is something beautiful that happens in my heart when I see others enjoy and delight in you, even when it's your Baba and Dedo. I'm not sure if there is a word or emotion out there to describe it. It's unlike anything I've ever felt before. It's almost as though my heart now says "if you want to show me you love me...delight in and love my son". Makes me wonder if that's what God was on about when he sent Jesus.
 That's Dad - always has his eyes on you. I love that about him.
Look at you - that smile!
When you start giggling I loose it. It's the cutest most wonderful noise in the world!
My two very handsome men.
You look sooo little in this photo.
So blessed to do life with you two.