a tale of two hearts

happy birthday bec


So thankful your beautiful face entered the world 30 years ago :) 
"I'm so lucky to have a friend like you....I mean, you just get it - you just get me.

Like when you say something super-stupid and then I say something completely ridiculous that makes no sense whatsoever and then we laugh so hard and everyone just looks at us like we're nuts...I love that"

 Looking like we're nuts since way back when.

Ahh the time before phone cameras...instant sticker photo booths!
 The look on your face in the pic on the left cracks me up ever time "really, another photo?"
The pic on the right - us sailing on that same harbor 15 years later.

Love you and your wild, crazy, passionate antics. You continue to inspire me to dream big and live large!! 

Happy Birthday gorgeous one - looking forward laughing and looking like we're nuts for the next 30!!