a tale of two hearts

matt and sarah

You guys - congratulations!!! Can't tell you how much fun we had documenting this incredible day for you!

There was a moment during your wedding service where I spontaneously just started crying, happy tears, real good happy tears, which by the way I had to get under control very quickly because I worked out it's kinda hard to take photos if you're crying! 

J and I have been privileged enough to attend a lot of weddings but this moment caught me completely off-guard. I'd never seen it before and it just broke me. It was at the beginning of the service, everyone was singing and you Sarah turned to Matt and started praying.

I'd never seen such an authentic, humbled, love infused act at a wedding.

I sat there crouched down at the front of the stage with tears running down my cheeks as I held the camera. 

You two are so blessed, you get it.

"From my heart to the heavens
Jesus be the center" 

Darlene Zschech