a tale of two hearts

moments in december

 I've been meaning to blog so much stuff over the last month and a bit but I either haven't had the time or have just been too exhausted! So here is a massive catch up blog of a whole bunch of different moments over the last month. 

Yep, I now understand why I haven't blogged. I'm feeling exhausted just looking at these photos!

3rd December - Your first taste of rice cereal.
...clearly you were impressed with it's utterly bland taste!
I think the banana was more to your liking. We're still working on the food thing, some days you're keen other days not so much.
4th December - The tiles in the backyard got layed and this was the first time your tinny little feet stood on them. Dad held you...
...and yes you peed as soon as you stood up.
Later that night I went out for Christmas drinks with all your friends mums...yes we snuck out and got dressed up and drank wine while you were all sleeping. I know so sneaky of us!
5th December - Nana and Pop dropped by for a bit of a play in the afternoon.
You were kinda happy about that!
6th December - Dad and I documented Sarah and Matt's wedding. You were right by our side for the whole thing...we'll sort of. Baba and Dedo were looking after you.
That was such a big day and you were such a little legend, we were so proud of you!
12th December - You slept with your little arms out. I know this sounds like a silly thing to document but it's a big achievement in our world at the moment! This is another one of those little things were working on at the moment.
13th December - Your Auntie Mannesha got you these shoes from NY and you've pretty much worn them everyday since - cause your cute chubby little ankles are so cute in them!
The Westies gave you this shirt and I love miso soup so seeing you in this shirt is all sorts of awesome for me!! You finally fit into it so you wore it to church that morning with your cute little new shoes. Yes Dad and I looked like dags next to you.
14th December - First splash around in the new outdoor bath!!! We've had soooo much fun with you in that "tea cup" over the last few weeks!
Apparently you like the taste of stone.
 Oh you two...stop it! My lens can only handle so much cuteness.
15th December - Christmas Carols in the park, you were nice and comfy with Dedo...
...while Dad was up on stage leading the band.
17th December - Your playgroup Christmas Party, complete with a "pram train" through Oatley!
18th December - My 30th Birthday.
20th December - Birthday festivities continued on Sydney Harbour.
21st December - Christmas lunch at Sarah and Liam's
...followed by birthday festivities for Grandma and I.
22nd December - Christmas dinner with friends at our place.
23rd December - Santa photos with Santa. Although I'm starting to think who needs Santa when you're taking photos of a little guys who's that cute!
 24th December - Christmas Eve lunch at Baba and Dedo's. 
 Followed by your first ever Christmas Eve service, yes you were a little amazed by the whole show. I think I watched you and your reactions more than the show itself.
 25th December - You and Dad on Christmas morning...
 ...to be continued.