a tale of two hearts

snippets of christmas

Snippets of your first Christmas.

 Every Christmas should always start with family snuggles in bed...maybe not in the wee hours of the morning though.
 We decided to break from tradition and you were allowed to open your gifts from Nana and Pop in the morning! As to who threw that ball in your little face...that would be one very excited Pop.
 Story time with mum before your mid morning nap.
 You were just starting out on solids. You weren't too sure about it at that stage.
You and Frankie playing. You were a fan, Frankie not so much.
A Mexican Fiesta for Christmas lunch. Why a Mexican Christmas lunch you ask...I say, why not!!
 This is what mummy looks like before she pulls the tweezers out of a morning.
 You chatting away with Pop.
Oh it's no surprise who won best dressed...yes it was you!
No Mexican Fiesta is complete without a pinyata...
 ...this is certainly not a sight you see every Christmas. GG is one stellar woman!
 We should have seen it coming. Of course the Mexican would win the pinyata challenge!
 The helicopters for all your uncles were a hit. Good work Dad!
Stick close to this mob little guy - they'll show you how to have a good time!