a tale of two hearts

7 months

 "Mum...do you think birdy minds if I use him as a teether?"

Oh stop it!

You're growing up too fast! Last week just about ever morning your dad said the same thing "umm...he's grown - again!" One morning we placed you down on the floor in front of our bed and sat on the edge of our bed watching you crawl over to the door for the very first time. We just sat there in silence, stunned. Our little baby boy is growing up way too fast!

I can't tell you how much our heart loves you little one!!

A few things you're now doing.
  • Crawling!! You started crawling at 6 and a half months and ohh how much fun we had in the weeks leading up to that. You'd wake up at all hours of the night practising. So much fun (that's sarcasm incase you can't tell). When you finally did crawl we were so thrilled! Shocked, because you're still so little, a little concerned because now we have to child proof the house but mainly thrilled because you were so determined and you seem so pleased with yourself now that you can get around.
  • Pulling yourself to stand up. You did this a few weeks back in your cot and I was so giddy when you did it, I called Dad straight away to tell him. I wasn't expecting it and you just did it out of the blue, you thought it was hilarious and you were soo proud of yourself! You're now trying to pull yourself up to stand on everything and anything. The couch, the bar stools, dad's guitar, the bath...makes my job all the more interesting!
  • You love my little leather shoes, cords, the pram wheels, the bathroom floor, the stairs...pretty much everything that's either dirty or dangerous that's when you crawl at your fastest! 
  • You've been on a swing a few times now and every time you're in one you giggle so much :)
  • You've started saying "mamma" but only when you're really distressed and crying...clearly you know how to tug on my heart strings.
  • I don't know if you actually understand me but when you're crying in the car I say to you "Lucas, where's your dummy" and you find the dummy and pop it into your mouth. It's so cute, makes me smile every time.
  • You've started opening your mouth and coming really close to my face and gently saying "ahhhh" I then do it back to you and we repeat the whole thing about 20 times. You think it's so funny.
  • Oh and you also think it's hilarious if I crouch down when Dad holds you. You must like seeing the top of my head or something, who knows, whatever makes you laugh or smile I'll just keep on doing!
  • You now say "Baba" and "Dada" and a whole bunch of other babbles and when you get particularly annoyed about something you start to string all of them together. You're clearly trying to get your message across but we've got no idea what you're saying. 
  • You love playing peek-a-boo, you love it when you have the sheet and can pull it over and away from your head. 
  • You've been teething this week so you've gone off your food a little which isn't fun, you hate it when the spoon gets near your mouth and you've shown me a few times how well you can flick the content of the spoon across the room. Today in desperation I gave you dinner in the bath, while playing peek-a-boo with you...yes I'm becoming quite the distraction artist these days!!
  • Your favourite books at the moment are "Where is the green sheep", "Ten little fingers and ten little toes" and "Dear Zoo". Dad sometimes recites Dear Zoo to you without the book and you seem to smile just as much!