a tale of two hearts

new years 2015

Welcoming in the new year with these two (now three) is quickly becoming one of my favourite days of the year.

Regardless of where we are or what we're doing there is just something so....I don't know...comforting, reassuring, relaxing, altogether wonderful, knowing we're all seeing the years roll by together.

And to welcome two new guests to this annual party...well that was pretty special!!

"Annabelle meet Lucas, Lucas meet Annabelle".
Is it just me or is Annabelle's expression crazy cute!
Yep this NY's party got  wild - babes skinny dipping and all!
Thank you again for that wonderful pose Matt ;)

There goes the "yep, I'm milk drunk mum" arm!
Just for future record you woke up in a wardrobe on your first ever NY's day! I told you little guy, thing got wild.
(I may or may not have put you there at 4.30am and slept next to you for 2 hours, so you wouldn't wake at 5am with the sunrise.)
Annabelle: "Dad...get his hand off me!!"
Matt...this is just heart melting! And I love the fact that you're in your PJ's!
NY's day breakfast...parent style! 
(i.e with the baby monitor on the table)
So apparently we're now mums and meant to be all responsible and stuff....ssshh don't tell.

Em, Matt, thank you again, creating memories like these with you guys is pretty special!!