a tale of two hearts

rough nights, magical days

Hey my gorgeous little man,

So, the last few nights you've been waking A LOT and I don't think I can explain just how physically painful sleep deprivation is! Looking after you with a smile and a spring in my step becomes incredibly difficult when we've had a few of these rough nights. I've been doing my best to keep my mind distracted from just how exhausted I am by making sure we get out of the house and see and explore a few new things together. 

Your little mind and body are growing at such a crazy rate and your world is constantly expanding. So, it's understandable that you're going to have days where your having trouble sleeping because your mind is processing all these new things or days where it's all a bit much and you want a few more cuddles or just to be close to mama. 

The rough nights and days where you want nothing but to be held and cuddled are all part of the parenting journey and as exhausting as they are now I know I'll miss these days in a few years time. So while the nights are hideously hard at the moment, seeing you do and try new things is nothing short of magical.

We went to the park on Monday and you had your first ride on the swing and slide! 

Ok - so it wasn't exactly a baby swing but you knew exactly what to do and those strong little arms of yours held on tight! Clearly all your push ups before bed are helping.
Here you are checking out the equipment and making sure it was all safe.
Look at those chubby thighs!
Ohh Lucas that smile of yours - seriously, melts me EVERY TIME!