a tale of two hearts

two boys and a ball

Lucas you officially started crawling on all 4's two days ago! 
Today Max gave you quite the workout with the help of his little blue ball. 

Max I've only ever met one other child who can turn it on for a camera as well as you buddy and yes that other child is heavily featured on this blog.
Mads: "Max, I think Lucas wants the ball"
Max: "Oh you mean this ball - here you go Lucas."
Max: "Just a few more steps Lucas and this pretty blue ball is all yours...
...or not"
Lucas: "Max, seriously can you give it to me this time?"
Max: "It's all yours mate...here you go"
You Mr are too cute! Next time we see you I suspect crawling will be a thing of the past for you boys.

Thanks for having us over Mads and for allowing us to vomit all over your gorgeous rug!