a tale of two hearts

adelaid with the dixons

We flew down to Adelaide in early January to spend a few days with the Dixons.

Renee and I were thinking after the Christmas and New Year madness that it might be nice to have an easy going weekend, where we might do and few things if the kids and Lucas were up to it. As the week approached Renee called to let us know that it was going to be "a bit hot" when we got there - 40 degrees kinda hot!!

I don't think we'll ever forget this weekend. It may have something to do with waking up on our first night at 4am with really soar throats. Only to work out that our room was full of smoke...from the Adelaide hill bushfire that was raging just a few kilometers away!

Spending the weekend with your friends, packing and unpacking the cars while you wait to see if you'll be evacuated definitely reminds you of what's important and irreplaceable.

Creating memories with beautiful friends like the Dixons is definitely one of those!

 Dixons you guys sure do know how to make people feel welcome!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for spoiling us from the minute we arrived!!
The Adelaide Hills the afternoon before they were ablaze...dry much!
Driving at 80km an hour and I somehow managed to get this shot with the window up - talk about perfect timing!!
I remember spotting this fire as we drove and asking you "do you think they're doing back burning today? Seems a little odd on a 40 degree day?" Less than 24 hours later we worked out that this fire was the one that started it all and destroyed 26 homes.
The smoke from the fire was covering the sun and it made our trip to the Rocking Horse all golden and hazy.
"Umm...why is the sun red?"...
hmmm...that might have something to do with this.
 This little one holds the record for most trips up the Giant Rocking Horse...and off she went again :)
Lauren your face sums up the weather that day perfectly!
 Oh my heart Georgia - the way you love our boy melts me! You are going to make such a beautiful mama one day.
 You said "hey Tina, go put your foot in the pool". I was all "why on earth is he getting the camera?"
CRAZY HOT BOILING POOL!! Guess that's what happens when you have the Adelaide Hills on fire and you decide to leave the pool cover on overnight...ouch!
Thanks for cooling it down Renee :)
Crawling lessons from Lauren...thanks Lauren!!
The way he would look at you Phil...ohh!
 Hey Lucas, remember that time we put the Baby Born bib on you and fed you?
Yeah - you sure do look cute as a baby girl!
 Baking cupcakes and watching Frozen - what all Sunday afternoons should be made of!
 Sorry Phil - I thought if I made the photo black and white you wouldn't notice your shirt mark. I was wrong :P
I loved this moment you settling Lucas in the back of the plane.
Thank you again Dixons! 
We had a great time...let's do this again sometime soon but maybe minus the bushfire next time :P