a tale of two hearts

around here lately

I seem to be having trouble finding time to post pic's I've been taking of you. So here is a huge catch up post :)
You now play really well on your own. I can't tell you now much I enjoy watching you.
This was us playing peek-a-boo one afternoon.
Then dad came home from work...
 ...so you two jumped in the tea cup and chilled out together.
I was in the kitchen and one minute you were sitting up and the next time I looked all I could see were your little feet up in the air!
 You were pretty happy just chatting away to the clouds :)
 Your first bath at Baba and Dedo's. We had to improvise. Pegs for toys and a storage container for a bath!
 This was us in town celebrating Andrej's mum's birthday. Yep that's Dad eating his cake while you're asleep on him. We're learning parenting requires lots of creativity and flexibility!
 You and I going for a walk down near Baba's before we caught up for lunch with some of your playgroup friends.
 A Saturday afternoon down at the beach. This was your first swim at a beach with waves and that's you waving and saying "hey girls".
 You eating the sand..."hmmm...tasty!"
 A Monday night. Dad came home early so we decided to go for a walk and have dinner while you had a nap.
 This was an unusually cold morning in January so you were all rugged up and looking super cute playing with your toys.
 These three images of you make me laugh!!!
 This is what I imagine you will look like sitting on a couch when you're 16!
 That face!!
 This is the first pic I have of those two little front teeth you got for christmas!!
 One of my new hobbies - watching you sleep!
 Yet another day where you were being crazy cute I just had to run and get my camera.
 Aunty Deb gave you some new shoes and you thought they were an amazing teether.
 Us chilling at home with you.
 We arrived early at something and it started raining so we sat in the car with you. EVERYTHING is so interesting and exciting for you. Can't tell you how much fun we have watching you take in the world.
Dad trying to feed you dinner at Nan and Pop's
 Me watching you sleep...again :)
 This is your newest trick - pulling yourself up and standing. I keep finding you standing in the strangest spots. Like this one the other day. I blink and somehow you've pulled yourself up.
 Your crawling skills were making getting anything done a real challenge the other day so I had to pull out the playpen. I then discovered you hate grass. I now just put you on a rug outside and you stay put! So cruel I know.
 You LOVE Dad's guitar and now you've worked out how to strum the strings!
 This image melts my heart and pretty much sums up why I work so hard each day to make you smile as much as I can. Cause your smile is amazing and the world is a better place when you smile.
 You exploring the bathroom...
 ...apparently that drain is something else cause you played with it for 10 minutes...and I sat there in amazement watching you play with it for 10 minutes so I'm not exactly sure which one of us is more easily amused?
 You and Dad just chilling on the grass after Dad's run...
 ...followed by a bath. Cause if you roll around with Dad on the grass after he's been for a run...you definitely need a bath!
 Sometimes we let you get a little messy with dinner...
...and you like it!
 Another "what are you doing Lucas?" moment. I left you with the little truck and the next minute you're up on your feet!
 And then back down again.
 Our office chair broke (I may have been sitting on it when that happened!) so we got a new one and you helped Dad put it together - sort of.
 Baba took us to one of her favorite beaches during the week. She knows all the great beaches!! This place was amazing and we'll be keeping it's location hush!
 You and that little red ball. You have so many toys and yet that little red ball was all that fascinated you for a week or so. You'd push it around and chase it everywhere.
 You and Dedo chilling out on the steps.
 We went to the park with your friends and you decided you wanted to go on the play equipment like the big kids. Once you set your mind to something there is no stopping you!
 "Put your hand in the air like you just don't care...come on guys...you with me!"
 "If I stay really quiet I recon I could get away..."
"Yay...I made it!"
 Oh Lucas how we love having you in our family!!