a tale of two hearts

fandangles make everything better

A few weeks ago I was a little exhausted and being a mum doesn't exactly afford you the luxury of resting up. After a few days of exhaustion I discovered even the simplest little tasks become annoyingly difficult but what annoyed me even more is that when I'm exhausted I'm not very good at celebrating you. At first I thought "ok I'll have a few quiet days at home to recuperate". Rookie error. That's like saying "I'm feeling sick so I'll go into the office and sit at my computer and stare at all the emails hitting my inbox but I won't answer any I'll just sit here resting". Yep it took me two days to work out I won't be trying that again! So rather than feeling sorry for myself I decided we needed a change of scenery. I grabbed a Fandangle out of the fridge, put you in the car and decided it was time to introduce you to my favourite local spot. I sat on the jetty eating my ice-cream while watching you crawl around. I then pulled out my camera and realised I could see you again and all the magic and wonder in your eyes as you explored.

Fact: I'm no super hero and some days this mama needs a Fandangle.

You...seriously. No words.
  When Dad got home from work we told him we were at the jetty and he came by with your dinner and we just chilled together for a while. Boys, think we should do more afternoons down at the jetty together.