a tale of two hearts

chua lee family

Karen - thank you so much for asking me to capture these images for you. I hope you all had as much fun as I did! 

Here is a tinny little selection...so many more coming your way.

Ps: My camera is not so secretly in love with your little ones. Seriously.



australia day 2015

Opps - this post is a touch late! Just stumbled across these pics from earlier in the year.

The Australia day tradition continues, albeit a little cooler than precious years.

your first easter

We were so spoilt this Easter. We got to hang out with the Donnelly's in the most thoughtfully constructed little stone cottage that I've ever laid eyes on. A cosy cottage in the middle of nowhere, a toasty fire place, oh and three incredibly energetic little ones - what more do you need for a memorable weekend away!

"Come on Uncle Jono...just let me have a sip"
Oh how you loved that stair case and pretty much any stair case!
 Your Dad will do just about anything anywhere and anytime to make you smile - melts my heart!
 Bath time with your little lady...
 ...although you were also pretty pleased to have the bathtub all to yourself...woohoo!
There you are again on the stair case. This happened several times a day. I mean several times an hour.
 The Easter egg hunt begins...first Easter egg found! In the gum boot where else :)
You found your first Easter egg...with a bit of help from Dad.
Clearly I get a little excited about the sight of a chocolate egg!
 ...opp...you spotted it too and your off!! That's my boy!
 You look so much like your Dad in this pic (when he was your age that is).
You and Emma with your loot.
 You were really persistent and actually managed to unwrap the egg...
 ...yeah you weren't so happy when I took it away. 

Thank you for having us and for hosting such a precious first Easter for our little guy.

We love you four so much!