a tale of two hearts

8 months

Lucas: "You talking to me?"

Opps...I completely forgot to do your 8 month post. You turn 9 months in 11 days time so I figure I may as well sneak this post in before then.

A few things you're now doing.
  • Clapping! You started clapping the day before we flew out for Bali. You clapped for the first time after I fed you couscous. You'd been having the same dinner a few nights in a row, so I feel you were simply encouraging me to give you more variety in your diet :P
  • Saying "mum mum" you've been saying this for over a month now but I've always just assumed it was just a noise you were making, but of recent you seem to say it when you want me or more to the point when you want me to give you milk or put you to sleep. The first couple of time you said it was at night and your teeth were really hurting you and you screamed it out.
  • You are desperately trying to walk. You are pulling yourself up on everything and using whatever you can as a walker. We were at a Japanese restaurant having lunch and you noticed some little girls at the other end of the restaurant, you crawled over to some stools and started pushing one in front of you so you could walk up to them. You got half way and they started walking out, so you turned the stool around and started following them out. We just sat at our table with our jaws on the floor...you're growing up way too fast!
  • Some days you like your food other days not so much. But when you do, you like stuff with LOTS of flavor and preferably stuff we're eating. You ate soo much nasi goreng in Bali.
  • You like waving hi and by to people...or just waving in general.
  • You're really starting to enjoy your toys. You've started moving the beads on your puzzle , I'm so amazed at how patient you are with yourself.
  •  Pop and Nana tought you how to move your little hands when we sing Twinkel, Twinkel. It's about the only song that stops you when your crying.
  • Nana also taught you how to give kisses, although you're very particular with who you give those too. Nana and I pretty much get them every time we ask for one, Dad not so much.
  • You love the swing Dad set up for you in the front courtyard. If you're not into your food we put you in the swing and all of a sudden you're having so much fun you forget you didn't want the food. Ahh cheeky parents we are!
  • You love being in the water. While we were on holiday you kept jumping in whever we'd sit you up on the edge of a pool.
  • If there is music playing you love to be held so you can flap your little arm around, you look like a tiny tiny bad ass rapper when you do it.
  • You now point with your little index finger ALL the time! To everything. You sometimes even fall asleep pointing.
  • Oh and you've started scrunching your nose and doing this little fake smile. It's hilarious. Anyone who sees you doing it instantly smiles or laughs!
  • You now have 4 teeth. 3 down the bottom and one that just cut through up the top two days ago.
  • Oh and you travel really well...your dad and I were so impressed with you while were in Bali. You absolutely love being out and about and meeting new people and you were a really great little sleeper in the pram. Now if only we could convince you that it's really cool to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time at night :P
Love you little man.