a tale of two hearts

bali times

Bali Times...
[Flying over Darwin. We need to visit this place sometime!]
 [Waking up in Ubud surrounded by rice fields and roosters that like to tell you the sun is rising at 3am? Really guys? 3am?]
 [Breakfast with the big boys]
  [aka: mummy time]
 [Travelling Bali style - safety first...clearly?]
[We had lunch while you made new friends]
 [So nice to have someone greeting us at the entrance of the monkey temple]
[Lucas vs Monkey staring competition]
 [Walking to dinner through the rice fields -nice!]
[So apparently dogs are scary but iguana's are ok by you. What's that about?!?]
 [Us at the spring water temple. So awkward we both wore sarongs that day!]
 [When you can't find a gym...50 reps of this]
 [Nusa Lembongan - oh my. This place - sooo beautiful!]
 [This dinner was something else - that setting, that sunset. Awesome place for a 40th birthday bash...hint hint ;)]
[Yes before breakfast I like to swim with Giant Trevally - you?]
[Nusa Lembongan's underground house. Affectionately and more accurately renamed by the Piltz crew as "The Hole"]
 [Yes that's you entertaining about 25 locals on the other side of the road from the back of a truck]
[My boys chilling on the words most picturesque swing set]
 [You, making friends and entertaining the people having lunch next to us. This happened pretty much everywhere we stopped.]
[Lucas: "Mum, that's it I've had it! I've told you a thousand times - we need to stop walking out of the house in matching outfits, it's embarrassing!] 
[You cruising the streets of Seminyak]
[Lucas: "Alright!! Let's do this dinner thing!"]
[A-mazing Amed]
[These two love birds...in a nest of cushions, perched on a roof top bar in Amed, ready to watch yet another an amazing sunset together!] 
[Below: The toughest part of every day in Amed. Looking through cook books to work out what we wanted to have on the menu for the next day. Life was so hard for those 4 days.]
Thanks for the incredible memories amigos...so where are we off to next!!