a tale of two hearts

missing you

[photo by Joyess Images]

I missed you lots this afternoon.

I took Lucas to playgroup and realised I won't see your face at church again, which hurt because your smile always made me and about a thousand or so other people feel so loved and welcomed.

As the days roll by we're having to discover what life without you will look like and it stings and makes our hearts ache as we trudge through and form new family traditions. 

We celebrated Pop's birthday without you on Sunday. I don't think my head and heart could really comprehend that you weren't there. I kept thinking you were upstairs having a nap and that you'd come down when you were feeling a bit better. We did our best to smile and make sure Brad had a great day. I missed you so much, especially when he opened his birthday presents. You always spoilt us so much and made such a fuss about the gifts. 

I pulled my phone out to take a photo of Lucas this afternoon. I quickly put it back when I realised I couldn't text you the photo.

Time aye - apparently it's meant to make it better. 

I'm thankful for the way my heart aches for you. Makes me realise how loved I was by you and how much I love you.