a tale of two hearts

on the hunt for duckies

I spend every moment of the day with you while you're awake and yet when you go to bed I constantly find myself looking through photos of you. You're a lot of work these days, you have strong opinions, you want to explore and get into everything, you love being outside, meeting people, watching animals, climbing up slippery slides and pushing your little toy cars around. As exhausting as it all is, it fills our hearts with so much joy watching the wonder and excitement in your eyes as you discover and unpack the world around you! 

We wondered down a bush track the other day and went on the hunt for some duckies - spoiler alert....we found some!

 You were so keen to become friends with this little bird...can't say he felt the same way.
 Ohh...poor little buba, the little bird ran away and left you all on your own.

the first morning of the year

Just stumbled across these - our first morning of 2015 with you.

More memories from our NY shenanigans here.

ps: Em - not sure how many times I've mentioned this but here I go again, the light in your bedroom upstairs is soooo beautiful!!

a little boy and his little dog

Hey Dad,
 Thanks for dropping in last night with mum. This post is for you to enjoy while you're eating your lunch at work. Thank you for being so amazing with our little boy, you're a great Dedo, judging by the fact that his face lights up and his little arms and flap in excitement every time he sees you!

walking through prague

Remember walking through Prague? I was just looking back on some of our photos and noticed an unusually large number where I'm being an absolute goof ball. Do you think it had anything to do with me drinking mulled wine as we wondered through the streets ;)
He was so happy to see me that day!
Hmm as somewhat interesting water feature!
On the left was your first attempt to take a photo of me with the bridge. I was so obliging. I can distinctly remember the sound effect I made to go along with that lovely expression. You never saw it coming.
Hahah...oh those horses, I said "hey J, take a photo of me with the horse, I'll go and pat one" and then it totally flipped and scared the crap out of me.
Ah Prague, you and you're mulled wine are just wonderful! 

centennial park

Last week you were under the weather, so we spent a lot of time just chilling out together, which involved a lot of you rubbing your snotty nose into my tops, pants, hair etc. A typical delightfully glamorous weeks of motherhood you could say! By Thursday we definitely needed to venture out of our suburb and see something new. So I packed you up in the car and we drove to Centennial park to visit the ducks. We had so much fun that I decided we needed to go back with Dad. So we did just that and we'll defiantly be doing it again :)

ps: for anyone venturing out that way, we'd definitely recommend you give the burgers at the food van opposite the duck pond a go. They were delicious!!! 

We said no sticks, so naturally you found the largest bit of bark you could and carried that around! Well played young man.
This pic of you - just gold!

a birthday walk through town

A few pic's from your birthday lunch. 
Ok you got me. 
So I kinda forgot I had the camera with me that afternoon, so all we essentially have are photos of us walking back to the car - heheh but you get the idea. Lunch by the water with just the two of us, followed by dessert in a little cafe, all the while our little guy explored the aquarium with Baba.
Love you so much honey.
I love this photo of you two, the one with him sitting on your shoulder with his arms up in the air!