a tale of two hearts

9 months

You've officially been out as long as you were in - 9 months...ekk! Although judging by this picture I'm not sure you're thrilled about it. I think we may have to change our monthly photos to a sitting position, you're really not a fan of laying down next to birdy anymore. Either that or you're disappointed that I dressed you in a penguin shirt rather than a pigeon one?

Here are a few things you're now doing that we don't want to forget.
  • Umm...as of a few days ago, apparently you can catch a ball? What's with that?! Maja threw a little ball to you and you caught it. We both looked at each other confused assuming it was a fluke. So she did it again, sure enough you caught it again. So she did it again just to triple check and yep you caught it again. So then we both laughed in utter amazement and naturally pulled out our phones and made you repeat it 1001 times!! Oh and you try to throw the ball back to the person by doing this strange little hand clapping thing.
  • You're officially saying "Dad - Dad" and "Daddy" and actually referring to Dad. While Dad was out tonight you started crawling up the stairs and pointed up at the photos on the wall saying "Dad-Dad". 
  • You're pointing lots at what you want and let's just say "asserting your opinions". 
  • You enjoy watching the birds in the backyard as the fly in to pick at the worms that have destroyed our grass. 
  • We've spotted a few ducks on our walks and you sit so still and watch them, pointing at them and on occasion babbling at them. 
  • You LOVE to dance. Whenever you hear music come on you raise your little arm and start bopping up and down to the beat. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that we have an unofficial dance party just the two of us most afternoons. Today we did a waltz to some random song and you thought it was soooo funny! 
  • Your Dad actually caught you humming and bopping up and down this morning, there wasn't any music playing, you were just humming to yourself.
  • Oh and on the music front your favourite song seems to be "Shake it off" by Tay Tay. Seriously. You get so excited when it comes on and you even sing along to the the "mmm...mmm" part. I thought it was just a coincidence the first time you did it, but apparently not.
  • When your teeth aren't hurting, you really enjoy exploring...the printer under the computer desk is endlessly fascinating to you. 
  • You also really enjoy helping me out with the laundry. You usually crawl over to the washing basket full of clean close, pull something out, rub your nose in it and then put it aside and then repeat that process with a dozen more items. You're very methodical about it, it's pretty amusing to watch.
  • Oh and you like to "reorganising your drawers" and by reorganising I mean empty the contents and throw it on the floor, again, you're very focused and particular as you do it.
  • You giggle in anticipation when I play "round and round the garden" with you. I usually try to make you laugh while you're feeding, you do the cutest little giggle and pull the funniest face which pretty much says "mum...doooon't....but do".
  • Over the last few days I've been saying "how much does mummy love you" and you giggle when I then squeal and lift my arms up and say "this much". I've decided I'm going to make sure I say that to you at least 3 times a day from now until you ask me to stop and then I'll just drop the squealing part.
There are so many more things I could jot down but I'll leave it at that for now. I will tell you this one last thing though, I am absolutely loving these days with you. I keep telling your Dad that I feel like I'm "living the dream", well it's definitely my dream. That's not to say the days and nights aren't ridiculously exhausting, they are. But at the end of each day I'm exhausted and so full, there is nothing else I'd rather be doing, no where else I'd rather be than spending my days getting to know you Lucas.