a tale of two hearts

centennial park

Last week you were under the weather, so we spent a lot of time just chilling out together, which involved a lot of you rubbing your snotty nose into my tops, pants, hair etc. A typical delightfully glamorous weeks of motherhood you could say! By Thursday we definitely needed to venture out of our suburb and see something new. So I packed you up in the car and we drove to Centennial park to visit the ducks. We had so much fun that I decided we needed to go back with Dad. So we did just that and we'll defiantly be doing it again :)

ps: for anyone venturing out that way, we'd definitely recommend you give the burgers at the food van opposite the duck pond a go. They were delicious!!! 

We said no sticks, so naturally you found the largest bit of bark you could and carried that around! Well played young man.
This pic of you - just gold!