a tale of two hearts

on the hunt for duckies

I spend every moment of the day with you while you're awake and yet when you go to bed I constantly find myself looking through photos of you. You're a lot of work these days, you have strong opinions, you want to explore and get into everything, you love being outside, meeting people, watching animals, climbing up slippery slides and pushing your little toy cars around. As exhausting as it all is, it fills our hearts with so much joy watching the wonder and excitement in your eyes as you discover and unpack the world around you! 

We wondered down a bush track the other day and went on the hunt for some duckies - spoiler alert....we found some!

 You were so keen to become friends with this little bird...can't say he felt the same way.
 Ohh...poor little buba, the little bird ran away and left you all on your own.