a tale of two hearts

10 months

Sorry buddy - this one has been sitting in draft for a few weeks now - opps!
You're 10 months old! Hooray!!

Here are a few things you're now doing that we don't want to forget:

  • You are a huge fan of playgrounds and get incredibly excited when you see one. You really like chasing after the big kids and trying to copy what they're doing, which is a little hard given that you can't even walk, but we admire your effort.
  • You love pushing the trolley at Woolworths and your pram. 
  • You like pigeons and birds of any kind. You were crawling around on all fours in Cronulla Mall the other day trying to catch them.  
  • You're really enjoying your little cars, you create cars out of anything i.e your socks and make the "brum, brum" noise as you potter around the house pushing them around.
  • You like using a spoon (not that you have much success with it) and refuse to let go it  and will sometime carry one around 20 or so minutes after you've finished trying to eat with it.
  • You still love singing and dancing and get upset if there is a song on and I'm dancing and you're not in my arms.
  • You love going down the slide at the park and you've mastered how to go down backwards.
  • You've also mastered the stairs at home and how to slide down them on your tummy, Nana would be so proud.
  • We've discovered you're a fan of remote controls.
  • You're starting to understand lots. I asked you if you wanted to read a book the other day and you crawled over and picked one up and brought it to me. I was floored! You're also becoming rather fussy about what books we read to you. You have a big range you like but know exactly which one you want read to you. You're turning pages really well too.
  • You're standing really well these days, we've seen you take a step here and there but you're still not sure about it all.
  • You've now got 8 teeth and you seem much happier over the last month. The previous month was rough.
  • Oh and you're sleeping much better too. You now go to sleep in your cot, in your own room. You listen to Sufijan Stevens as you crawl around your cot babbling to yourself before you fall asleep.
  • This one I'd rather forget but I suspect I won't. You poo in the bath. Yep you read right, you poo in the bath and often. Like every second day. Can't say it's my favourite thing in the world. You seem to be entirely oblivious to the whole thing. I just keep repeating to my self that "this too is a phase".
  • You raise your hands in the air when I now say 'how much does mummy love you' and you adore your Dad, you get sooo excited when he comes home and you fly down the stairs on your tummy to follow him down stairs as he leaves for work.
And here is a little story you may want to know in the future.

We were invited to a really lovely lunch (no joke, it was incredible) to celebrate your uncle Scotty's 40th. There were no kids at this party but we couldn't find a babysitter so we brought you and decided we'd take turns hanging out with you. As it turned out Dad spent most of the lunch hanging out with you, I kept offering to swap with him but kept asking me to sit down and enjoy the lunch. As you get older you'll quickly learn that Dad really loves his food! So the following will mean a lot. In the car on the way home from the lunch I couldn't help but ask why he didn't sit at the table more to enjoy the amazing lunch, he turned to me and said "I just much rather would have spent the time with him, I'm not to fussed on food"...UMM WHAT, SINCE WHEN?? I've never heard him say anything like that...EVER. He then started recounting everything you two had done together while I was enjoy the lunch. 

He's clearly fallen hard for you little dude. We both have.