a tale of two hearts

at a park with you

We visit a park most days, sometimes even twice a day. You absolutely love being out and about, watching all the older kids, studying them quietly, watching what they're doing and then trying to copy once they all disappear.
Last Wednesday you took your first two consecutive steps. Maja and I were chatting when you did it, we both just looked at each other to work out if that actually just happened. Later that night you took a few more in Pop's pool room while you were holding the orange pool ball. So many mixed emotions seeing you walk. I'm so super happy and proud of you and yet kinda sad cause you're growing up crazy fast and the little baby is quickly becoming a little man.
We believe families that slide together...stay together :P
This right here pretty much sums up what you're like at a park. Super adventures, always willing to give things a shot, regardless of how little you are !