a tale of two hearts

tyler john's birth story

On the morning of the 22nd July 2015, I got a text from my beautiful friend Lisa:

"Hey guys, looks like our baby wants to share Lucas' birthday! Contractions have started..."

I'm still lost for words to describe that afternoon. When describing my labour with Lucas which took place exactly 12 months prior, these are the words I used:

"That's me (and you on the inside) at 8ish on the 21st July...
and that's me, you and Dad at 10.22pm on the 22nd July."

I didn't care to remember the details of the 26 hours in between in fear that if I did Lucas may never end up with a brother or sister.

What I witnessed on the 22nd July, exactly 12 months later, was nothing short of beautifully breathtaking, words I never thought I'd associate with labour.

To see Lisa's body do what it was designed to do, to witness labour as it should be*, was such a redemptive experience. To see her excitement as she skyped her daughters to fill them in on how things were progressing, to hear her casually say "oh yeah, do you mind showing Pete how to use our new camera" and then completely shutting down while she focused on another contration, to see her go for a walk around the block to get some fresh air, wait for Pete to order a coffee, watch her laugh between contractions, to watch her focus, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe through utter agony, push, push and then to see her whole being flooded with pure ecstasy and uninhibited joy. And then to sit and watch her hold her baby boy and get lost in his little details. I don't think we have a word in the english language to describe the emotions that were running through me - it was breathtaking, in that I was literally rendered speechless.

On behalf of Pete and Lisa I'd like to share their birth story with you. Not all our birth stories unfold so perfectly, mine certainly didn't, and yet there is something beautifully redemptive in witnessing and sharing in the joy of others who's stories have.

The moment Robyn announced it was a boy - so excited and that I forgot how to take a photo!

Welcome to the world Tyler John.

Your mum and dad are as fine as they come.

You are in safe hands and so fiercely loved.


[*ok maybe not as it should be, cause there was still a crap load of pain, but you get what I mean.]