a tale of two hearts

11 months

It's soo hard trying to get a photo of you laying still next to that bird at the moment, very thankful there is only one more of these photos to go but also a little sad - cause there's only one more of these photos to go before our baby boy is a one year old!

Here are a few things you're now doing that we don't want to forget:
  • You're walking!! This walking thing has really tugged at my heart strings. Seeing you walk over to me does my head and heart in every time. I'm proud and stunned beyond belief that you're walking so well and yet also a little sad cause my baby boy is all grown up (not quite but you know what I mean).
  • You're understating a lot and making it very clear that you know what you'd like. The other day Dad was looking after you and he said you walked over the the high chair and wanted him to put you in it so you could eat (you're usually not a fan of getting in the high chair cause you'd rather play). I've also noticed that when we're out you quite often walk over to the nappy bag and pull out your cup to have a drink. 
  • You've been crawling or walking over to us, or whoever is playing with you and grabbing them by the hand and insisting they come and follow you to wherever you want to go. It's really sweet, the way you find our hand and then hold onto your finger.
  • You're eating a lot more independently these days, still a huge fan of your veggies, really hoping that keeps up :)
  • Oh - we said goodbye to the dummy a week and a bit ago. You were waking about 15 times a night for it so we decided it was time. I was so worried for days before hand but as it turned out you hardly even noticed! 
  • You're loving popcorn at the moment, the way you pick it up with your two little fingers always makes me smile, so neat and dainty. 
  • You give us kisses without us asking these days...oh my goodness...I can't even describe to you what that feels like. You'll have to have a little person of you're own to get it.
  • You've been hiding behind the chair and cot and any other little corners you can find and then crawling out and saying "zee" and giggling...we think you're playing hid and seek with us - soo sweet!
  • You still hate having your nappy changed, getting dressed and getting into your sleeping bag.
  • You're becoming so much more independent and really enjoying playing with older kids. You walked off at the park the other day and played on your own on the playground equipment and then started playing with some of the kids, chasing a ball and throwing it to them. I just sat back and watched you...another one of those "oh so proud...oh my baby boy is growing up moments".

You are sooo much fun right now, you're personality is really starting to come through. We're so proud of the little man you are becoming. You're so inquisitive, persistent, playful and sweet. Dad and I are constantly saying to each other how lucky we are to have you in our family, you are such a delight to be around.