a tale of two hearts

happy 1st birthday

 Happy 1st Birthday precious boy.

Oh my heart, I won't even start because if I do I'll need a few days to write out all that my heart wants to tell you right now.

But I will mention this tiny little thing. Today one of the gifts we gave you was balls for a ball pit. We thought you might like to use the outdoor bath as a ball pit in winter - and did you ever!! You LOVED it, you kept throwing yourself back and laying down in them, throwing them, trying to swim through them, I can't describe how much joy it brought us to see you enjoy yourself so much.

I said to your Dad this afternoon that I think today for the very first time I got a glimpse into the phrase "God's a good Father who delights in giving his children good gifts". Giving your kid a gift they love is such an incredible feeling. Made wonder how much joy it must have brought God over the last 12 months to see how much we've loved and enjoyed the gift He gave us in you!

Here are a few photos of you eating your birthday cup cake. It was meant to be a "cake smash" of sorts but it turns you thought it would be better to have a dignified little tasting instead. You love getting dinner and lunch all over your face and the one time we want you to get messy you decide "hmm I don't think so".

Too funny!

You weren't sure what to make of it at first. I think the  little paper wrapping made you wonder if it was food.
You were much happier once you gave Dad a taste and realised it was food.
Oh and you really weren't a fan of the icing (which I was not so secretly pleased about!) you tipped it upside down and then instantly lit up and started picking away at it!
I still can't belive you're one. I'm so thankful for all the moments I've had to breath you in, soak you up, enjoy and delight in there person that you are.